Sæson 2019-2020

Danse for let øvede   Danse for øvede
Bud Wiser Jambalaya 1 2 3 4
Boot Scootin Boogie San Quentin They Walk the Line
Route 66 Joana NB Red Hot Rock`n Roller
Cowboy Strut NB Cowboy Cumbia The Wandere
The Little Farmer (Årsdans) Coastin` Sing me an Old Fasioned Song
ADD EM UP A Good Hearted Woman Train Swing (Årsdans)
That 55 Ford Why did it Have To Be Me Someone Like You
Bonaparte´s Retreat (Årsdans) Down on your Uppers Hillbilly Rock (workshop)
Hold on Me My new Life Shaky
Every day is for Love Mama Maria
New Train Ghost Train