Sæson 2019-2020


Danse for let øvede   Danse for øvede
Bud Wiser Jambalaya 1 2 3 4
Boot Scootin Boogie San Quentin They Walk the Line
Backwoods Girl Joana NB Red Hot Rock`n Roller
Cowboy Strut NB Cowboy Cumbia The Wandere
The Little Farmer (Årsdans) Coastin` Sing me an Old Fasioned Song
ADD EM UP A Good Hearted Woman Train Swing (Årsdans)
That 55 Ford Why did it Have To Be Me Someone Like You
Bonaparte´s Retreat (Årsdans) Down on your Uppers Hillbilly Rock (workshop)
Hold on Me My new Life Silverado
Every day is for Love Mama Maria Backroad Nation
New Train Ghost Train Bring Me Down
Country Cupid Home to Louisiana People are Crazy
Shaky Hillbilly Girls